How much is shipping/ How is shipping calculated? 

You can easily get an actual shipping charge by putting a product in your cart and having the system calculate shipping.  Shipping charges are based on weight. We find it is best not to package ammo in boxes that weigh over 25 pounds because the box will break during shipment; however, shipping is generally $15 per box. 

How can I get an ETA on a product being back in stock? 

We are continuously adding and removing products based on availability. You can sign up for an email alert to notify you when your desired product (s) are in stock by simply clicking on the "Put me on the waiting list" button for a particular product. 

Do you offer Discount Codes for Military or Law Enforcement? 

We continuously monitor our prices to be sure we are competitive and run several sales per month. Because we believe we are offering a great product at a competitive price, there are no discount codes that are offered.  

How do I check to see when my product has shipped? 

Most products ship within 3-5 business days, but with the high demand for ammo, some products note in the description that they ship within three weeks.  You can check the status of your shipping by logging into your account and clicking on the specific order you would like to track. 


What is the difference between “New”, “Never fired”, and “Remanufactured” ammo? 

New ammo is made with new materials. Never fired is made from reassembled components, but none of the components have ever been used previously. Remanufactured ammo is made from a previously fired component, usually meaning the case has been used before. 

What is the difference between 5.56 and .223? 

These two rounds look similar but are loaded differently. 5.56 is loaded to a higher pressure than .223. It is not recommended to use these rounds interchangeably.   

What is the difference between 7.62 and .308? 

These rounds look similar but are loaded differently. .308 is loaded to a higher pressure than 7.62.  And 7.62 ammo is slightly thicker. We do not recommend using them interchangeably.   

What does TMJ mean? 

TMJ -- Total Metal Jacket.  This distinction means the metal casing covers the entire bullet.  This ammo is recommended for indoor ranges due to limiting exposure to lead. 

What does FMJ mean? 

FMJ -- Full Metal Jacket. This means the metal casing covers the bullet except for the base, which is exposed lead.   

What is “target” ammo? 

Target ammo is used for competitive shooting or when you need accuracy in your practice at the range.