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500 40 S&Wcases, with mixed headstamps. Cases may be mixed brass and nickel. These cases havebeen processed and cleaned. The cases have been processed on a commercial caseprocessor. They are checked to ensure there are no berdan primed and no crackedcases. Each case has been deprimed, primer pocket checked for ringersor other major debris, and swaged. The cases have been both base sized(sometimes called roll sized) and sized with a die. The cases have beenchecked for serviceability.

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1000 pieces of 40 S&W brass, fully processed.
Cases are washed using our method of part on part, which is the most delicate way to wash, no harsh steel parts on soft brass. Our process makes the brass beautiful and a pleasure to just look at.
Each case was processed on a premium Camdex processor. Camdex processors checks cases for cracks with air, sizes, swages and base sizes, making them ready to prime and load.
The pricing is listed at $50 per 1,000 cases.
Cases can be used to load or to use to make decorative jewelry.

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