45Auto-230 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point (GDHP)-Defense

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PERFECT 45 ACP ammunition for concealed carry or defensive use. Box of 50 rounds. 

Compared to other Gold Dot distributors, we are 60% under their listed pricing. Our competitors have the same product listed at $1 per round. 

This ammunition is new, loaded with Speer Gold Dot hollow points, 230 grains. These rounds have been carefully crafted for optimal usage in your favorite Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW).  
The load has been developed for optimal penetration and barrier defeat. These rounds are carried in our guns as soon as we step off of the range. 
This ammunition is currently carried by departments all over the Midwest for duty use. This is an over run from a Law Enforcement agency order. The savings is being passed on to you. 
These cases, though new and not fired, and will be the same head stamp. The rounds in your order may or may not have the head stamp in the product image above. 
Pick up a box, and round out your training ammo order. Recharge your magazines and prepare. 

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