5.56 NATO Ammunition-M855-NEW BRASS-Green Tip-Bulk 62 Grain FMJ 1000 Rounds-NO LIMIT

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1000 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammunition. This is New ammunition, Loaded with 62 Grain Full metal jacket projectiles at LAKE CITY Army Ammunition Plant. Ammunition will be packaged in bulk. This is military SS109/M855. 
Rest assured, this is not XM855, this is M855. What’s the difference? The difference is simple, the “X” designation is a reject, or factory second. Our ammunition, is surplus M855, the same thing that our soldiers are being issued for training and qualification. 
This is actually a “reference round.” That meas that this ammunition will probably have tighter loading specifications than the production run of M855. 
This is “Green Tip” ammo. The painted green tip designates that the core, though it has a lead with a steel penetrating tip, it is designed to penetrate steel and defeats more dense barriers than M193. Further, this is not considered Armor Piercing, by the ATF. 
NO ORDER LIMIT!!! The quantity available listed on the website is what is left. When it’s gone, it’s gone.
All orders should ship within 2-3 business days. 

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