5.56 NATO Ammunition-NEW BRASS-Bulk 62 Grain FMJ-Green Tip-500 Rounds

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500 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammunition. Loaded with 55 Grain Full metal jacket projectiles. Ammunition will be packaged in bulk. This ammunition is loaded with only the highest quality projectiles, commercial gun powders, name brand primers on commercial machines. 
This ammunition is XM855, acquired from Lake City sources. The brass is to NATO spec and is not polished like commercial ammunition. There will be some cases with slight dings or other cosmetic imperfections. 
We classify this as a FACTORY SECOND.
This is ammunition loaded with NEW brass, usually from the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. These are new, perfect LC cases from the same production lines as the Department of Defense Ammunition. We occasionally procure brass with headstamps other than LC. Some headstamps will be Fiocchi, New Frontier, Federal, Winchester or others. Your order could contain any of these brand cases.  
This identical ammunition to US military XM855 ball; Same powder, same projectiles, brass and primers. 
Due to the rush on these items and component availability, shipping may not be for 1-2 weeks.

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