7.62 x 51 NATO (M118LR) 175 grain -Military Sniper Ammunition-NEW Fresh from the LAKE CITY Plant

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M118LR is here!!!!! We have acquired a load of of this match grade ammunition. This is loaded for military snipers and is the standard for purchased precision ammunition. The ammunition was loaded and purchased at Lake City. To be clear, this is new ammunition, acquired directly from the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.
Sold in bulk in battle packs of 250 rounds. Immediate shipping!!!! The ammo is packaged in bulk and is not sealed. 
175-grain (11.3 g) 7.62×51mm NATO match-grade round specifically designed for long-range sniping. It uses a 175-grain (11.3 g) Open Tip Match (OTM), very very similar to a Sierra Match King (SMK) hollow point boat-tail bullet. Produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. 
Further, this ammunition is M118LR, not XM118LR. You may ask, what’s the difference? When consumers see the “X” in front of the military designation, that was an item that did not meet government specifications. Essentially, the “X” designation is a Lake City second. 
This ammunition is legitimate military grade ammunition. As such, it does not look like commercial ammunition. There are some cases that are very aesthetically pleasing and some that are not. Please understand this is the same ammunition issued to our soldiers. 


HEADSTAMP:  LC manufacture symbol and the year of manufacture.

Given the COVID-19 shipping issues, we try to get the orders out as soon as possible, normally within 3-5 business days. 

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