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500 9MM cases, withmixed headstamps. Cases may be mixed brass, commercial and military, andnickel. Most cases are commercially manufactured and do not have primer crimps,however there are some military surplus that may be present.

hese cases havebeen processed and cleaned. The cases have been processed on a Camdex caseprocessor. They are checked to ensure there are no berdan primed and no crackedcases. Each case has been deprimed, primer pocket checked for ringersor other major debris, and swaged. The cases have been both base sized(sometimes called roll sized) and sized with a die. The cases have beenchecked for serviceability.

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Fully processed 9mm brass. The brass is once fired brass that has been checked for serviceability, sized, deprimed, primer pockets reamed, (crimp around primer pocket removal), and thoroughly cleaned. The cases will be cleaned using a dual step process. We use a burnishing compound in a vibratory bowl without media then the cases are dried and then tumbled in cob/walnut.
Sold by the 1000, in a sealed polyurethane bag and guaranteed to be loadable.
The brass has been processed on a Scharch Auto-Reaming case processor. The case processor checks for cracked cases, reams primer pockets, and ensures for serviceability. After the depriming and case checking, the cases are roll sized for optimal ease in loading your own ammunition. Machine operators use a case gauge to check for correct sizing. A primer pocket gauge to ensure crimp removal and depth correctness. At the end of this process, all cases, included military cases, are loadable.
These cases are the same as on our remanufactured ammunition product lines. The machines we use are the best that money can buy and are precision instruments.
For quantities more than 25,000 pieces, contact us directly at [email protected] for special pricing.
These cases are not solely for loading. Most recently, a majority of customers have purchased cases for other craft and jewelry projects.
Generally shipped within 1 business day.

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