Processed 9mm Mixed brass (1000ct)

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ON SALE!!!!  9mm once fired brass!!! The fired brass will consist of mixed headstamps, though most appear to be WCC (Winchester) or other military contracts. 


The great part about our brass is that it’s REAMED….. Yes, every case is reamed for your loading ease. So, the military crimp around the primer pocket has been removed forever.

This brass has been base sized with a roll sizer, de-primed, each case checked to hold air, reamed and cleaned.  
These are the same cases we use in our commercial loading operation. Customers ask how we can load 4500 rounds an hour and it’s with this brass, where are the problems have been eliminated prior to making it into our loading machines. 
Sold in bags of 1000. In Stock and ships within 2 business days. 

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