Many of you are being patient for ammunition pricing to be "the way it used to be." Well, I'm sorry to say, that model may never come back. It may not ever come back because of a few factors. Below I'll briefly discuss some of the factors. Please understand that the discussion points are speculative and are driven by political factors and knowledge of the industry.

Production of ammunition at the factory
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    The election

    The election will serve as a benchmark for ammo availability on several levels.

    • First, it's unclear who will win. Polls and political models show President Trump winning, but that is in no way a certainty.
    • Both sides, conservatives as well as left-wing extremists, are going to be highly upset and volatile. Either side could light a spark where we will have a dark moment in our history.
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    Manufacturing Processes

    If the crazy and frenzy buying just stopped, major manufacturers still have an 18 month backlog of orders to deal with.

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    People hoard components which create the component vacuums. Those vacuums are what create the pricing.text here.

So, the bottom line, is that this will be the new normal for the next 18-20 months. We will probably have a chance to come out of this problem in the summer of 2022, which strangely enough, is the beginning of the midterms. If you're paying attention, that's another election cycle.

Just be vigilant and be patient. We are doing the best we can.

And, the bottom line is that we absolutely appreciate all of our customers.


Humble Thoughts,